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Cherry Chocolate Bread Pudding

Hey, what's up, hello! I'm sitting on my couch while Chloe and Thomas cook me crêpres... how very French. They are both visiting while they prep for their three-month cycling trip across the United States. Me and Dan are being awkward hosts, showing them clips of Pierre Escargot (which is incomprehensible to French-speakers, btw), and shouting "zut alors!" and "chin chin!" when we clink our glasses of bordeaux together.

White Chocolate Matcha Rugelach

Turns out I can't make hamantaschen. I've tried so many times, asked experts for recipes, and tried again. But after the gooey, messy attempt that was this year's Purim cookies, I think I'm officially giving up for the time being. I made my dough and followed the rules and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Once I shaped my cooked and stuck em in the oven.... they just pooped out their filling and smooshed all over the place. Ugh!

Tropical Fruit-Filled Hot Cross Buns

Aloha! Happy first day of Spring from snowy New York. I'm sitting up in my bed, with just the glow my laptop and the orangey light from the snowy Queens street lamps illuminating my room. Come at me if you must, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter. I love the cold days  that force you indoors to hibernate beneath piles of blankets with your (my) Corgi.

Korean Anchovy Pizza

I made pizza today!! This is huge for me. Possibly the biggest news since my bangs finally grew long enough to stay stuck behind my ear--hallelujah. Back to the pizza. First things first, there's basically no reason to make pizza from scratch when you live in New York. Great pizza is always less than a couple blocks away, often of the one dollar variety. When a good slice is a) close and b) cheap AF, spending time cooking pizza economically makes little sense.

Guinness Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (And Pretzels!)

Danny's making me moules frites tonight! He learned how to de-beard them and everything. I hear seashells clanking against my Dutch oven and the house smells like bubbly Chardonnay and garlic. Also I started watching that new Hulu show with James Franco, 11.22.63, and I haven't loved a TV show so much since maybe Jane the Virgin, so life is very very good.

Honey Bear Cakes with Nutella Glaze

Quick! I have ten minutes while my dogs eat peanut butter to chat about honey bear cakes. The dogs have been demanding my attention constantly... I think because we got these ~excellent~ new leather recliners. I sit in them always because they're ~excellent~, but the chairs are really a one-creature seat, so the dogs are annoyed that they can't climb all over me like they do when I sit on the couch. 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Parfaits

I've just been informed that "Hot Sandy" emerged on Grease, Live and I'm very irritated that I don't have a television on which to watch! Don't get it twisted, I'm not one of those I don't have a TV, I read books people. I watch an absurd amount of TV, but all on my computer, or with the Firestick/Chromecast something-or-other. So, I don't get to watch these live on TV musicals (at least not at home) and as a musical theater duh-hork, it's very rough to see all your tweets about how maaarvelous Aaron Tveit is; each an every one of them elicits a Monica Geller "I KNOW" out of me. (See, I told you I watch lots of TV.)

Banana Bread Donuts

Have you heard!? Two feet of snow fell on New York City this weekend! It's pretty bonkers. My poor little corgi was not built for this kind of snowfall. He keeps trying to scale the snowbanks like his Labrador brother, only to sink like a little hot dog into the snow pile--then I have to dig him out.

Last Minute Molasses Dump Cookies

You know when you would have to take a dictation exam in your high school foreign language class and no matter what the scenario was, you'd somehow bring the conversation back to the few phrases you knew? Jacques went to a tennis match last week and you're just like "oh, that's great! Red clay courts in Paris, you say? My favorite color is purple and I am from New York. My name is Hillary. I am 26-years-old." 

Perfect Chocolate Cake

We spent the night in the emergency vet because my poor Jelly got in a little fight with another dog on his walk last night. Some wounds on his ear and face would not stop bleeding, so I called up Rich & Can to ask if we could borrow their car and then off to the 24-hour animal hospital in Forest Hills we went.