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24 Droolworthy Sandwiches

Hellooo from Nashville! I'm having a super, honky-tonk time celebrating my cousin's graduation from Vanderbilt. I got a hat and everything--and I got *no* sunburn during a three-hour ceremony in the Tennessee sun. It's a damn miracle. I'd like to thank my mom's sweater and lots of Neutrogena sun block. And my cousin Jack for being that guy who's like I'm going inside to get a sandwich

Baechu Kimchi

I feel ill equipped to talk about kimchi all that authoritatively. When I ask Dan about details almost all of his factoids turn into (enchanting) stories about his grandmother, a poor farmer in rural Korea who was on her own since her early teens. Without a real home, the only thing she cherished and carried with her as she moved around was a massive clay kimchi jar. 

Kimbap (Korean Lunch Rolls)

Hellooo everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo. I didn't really celebrate other than to eat lots of guacamole on my couch, but I think that was less celebration, more just stress eating about the Donald Trump mess. Also, I stayed at work until nearly 10PM last night. I didn't mind (happily I have a v wonderful job that's more fun than it is foe), but I was in serious need of talking-to-no-one-and-eating-corn-chips time.


Back in 2006, when Dan and I were wee little things living in studio apartments in Bushwick, we'd cook lots of things that his mom pre-packed for him. Frozen meatballs + jarred tomato sauce + spaghetti. Lots and lots of mandoo, or Korean dumplings. Chicken salad from those huge cans you can get at Costco. And of course, bulgogi!

Chicken Banh Mi

Another weekend has gone by and I still haven't finished The People v. O.J. Simpson. Nor did I watch the BeyoncĂ© extravaganza. I need a day off, it seems. Yes, just to catch up on TV, in case that wasn't clear. 

Mother's Day Stroopwafel Brunch

Attention, s'il vous plait, attention! (I hope you imagined that in my best Phyllis Nefler voice. The color's wrong, the collar's wrong, the material's a nightmare from hell....) In case you missed it, Daelmans stroopwafels have arrived in the USA. When i heard the news, I reached out and asked them if I could write some recipes for them; they graciously replied and shared tons and tons and tons of stroopwafels with me; me and my snack shelves have never been happier.

15 Best Rainy Day Recipes

Happy April! In honor of the idea that April showers bring May flowers, I asked some of my favorite food bloggers to share their best rainy day recipes. From their ultimate comfort foods to simple meals you can put together with pantry items, these recipes will keep you well-fed and cozy as it pours outside the window. That is... until you have to walk the dogs. ;) Enjoy!

Spam Musubi

What a marvelous weekend! I had guests in and out the whole time, which I love (especially when they eat all of the carrot tahini muffins I bake for them). Danny's home now. I bought some awesome new sheets and a new vacuum. I learned how to spell "vacuum"--one c, two u's. Plus I did lots of fun activities and didn't hate them! I'm that flavor of human who contemplates cancelling all plans at the last minute because the thought of leaving my home fills me with dread on some days. Particularly when the 7 train completely BLOWS like it did this week.

Chicken Katsu

Heeelp, I can't moove! So full! Today I got brunch with Iris and Blase at New World Mall in Flushing. The neighborhood, deep in Queens, the last stop on the 7 train, contains NYC's bigger, better Chinatown and Koreatown. New Yorkers know that you head out there to do things like shop for sushi-grade fish, go to Spa Castle, and, of course, get dim sum on a Sunday.