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10 Things I Miss About London

10. Having my toes almost fall off from being so cold as we walked around for hours in too-thin socks. This is not a veiled complaint. It actually made me feel alive. (LOL #emo.) Below, we're walking over the Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul's Cathedral. If you're like me, you'll squeal, "that's the church from Mary Poppins!"

9. Nando's. Apparently Nando's now exists in Washington, Maryland and Virginia. I know this because I'm currently visiting the "jobs" page on their website cause I love Nando's so much and I want to work there. It's like a Portuguese chicken version of Chili's. Better, though. Way better than Chili's.

8. Someone cleaning my bathtub every day. Since returning from vacation, I've become torn between quitting my job so I can clean my bathroom all day and hiring a housekeeper-- both of which I can't afford. But having a spit-shined bathtub like we did every day at the hotel in London would be worth, like, billions in emotional health. 

7. Fish and chips. Please don't leave recommendations for decent fish and chips joints in NYC in the comments. I'm not interested in the taste. I'm interested in the being in London part. Or maybe this is my attempt at reverse psychology. Oh God, I just miss the fish and chips.

6.  Being able to tell people, via email autoresponder, that I was out of town and they were just going to have to sit. down. and wait for me to get back to them. Here I am wistfully spending my day at the Roman Baths in Bath, UK.

5. Come Dine With Me, the reality show dinner party competition. Four strangers throw dinner parties for each other and score the meals. At the end of the week, the winner gets money. But you really watch it for the snarky narrator who makes fun of them all when they get drunk. 

4. Feeling like I was mere moments away from running into One Direction, the Queen, Gordon Ramsay or Posh Spice. The streets in London are a lot less straight than in New York, so you'd really never see it coming. For example, we stumbled upon this Banksy street art in Bankside. Pretty much a celebrity sighting.


3. Pubs. And getting a "pint." Being in London and suggesting that you and your loved one get a pint will make you feel exactly as tickled as you think it would. The Indian food is also totally yummier than it is in the U.S. Here we are at Kwality Tandoori. I'll never forget that name.

2. Tea time, yes, but even moreso, the "flat white." My favorite hot beverage moment, pictured below, was at the cafe at the V&A Museum. The museum was pretty overwhelming and, at times, boring, but the cafe had great food and authentic Victorian charm. 

1. Free museums! All of the big museums in London have no entry costs! Except the Tower of London, which, I guess, isn't really a museum. That's where we got this yummy little raspberry tart.

For more pictures from our trip (I know, you're dying for more), visit my album on Flickr.

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