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August Essentials

hillary reeves august essentials
hillary reeves august essentials

1. Above are three books I devoured in the past month. I don't claim to have great taste in books... In fact I'm horrified that, when I think about it, I realize that most all of my favorite books have to do with rich white people and their first world problems (Brideshead Revisited, Persuasion, Franny and Zooey, Tender is the Night). Happily, I'm adding some diversity to that list with Americanah. It's an incredible, thoughtful novel that I know I've come around to kind of slowly, but I'm a better person having read it! As for the others,  Bernadette is a fun, quirky read that would be perfect to take along on a weekend trip. And One More Thing is a collection of absurd short stories by B.J. Novak that I've really enjoyed.

2. Knitting. My mom likes to tell a story about the first time I learned how to knit. A grandma at my church taught me one evening when I'd arrived a few hours too early for choir practice (dork alert!) and had time to kill. She invited me into a knitting club of 10 old ladies, all working on their knitting together -- they were going to sell their creations at the church fundraiser in a few weeks. I became obsessed with finishing a hat and contributing to the sale, so I sat all weekend, cross-legged on my bed and watching Barefoot Contessa (even as a twelve-year-old, I acted as retired as I do today) and knitted away. When I emerged on Sunday evening for dinner, I complained of sore, creaky knees, which my mom still laughs about and refers to as my "knitting injury." Anyway, this weekend I started a new knitting project after a very long hiatus, but the effects of obsessing over my messy purling were the same, all these years later-- ooh my knees! Check out this great little shop that I visited to buy my new yarn.

3. Temples. My cool uncle introduced me to this band last week. They released their debut album early this year. Temples is currently touring and doing the late night show circuit. Definitely have a listen, especially if you like British psychedelic pop and are growing weary of listening to Billy Joel's greatest hits on repeat... I may have said too much.

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show. Gosh, I love this show. It's on Netflix. Let it become your "I just want to have a happy TV show on in the background while I do other things" go-to (you've already seen every episode of Friends fifty times anyway). Sure, it's a bit dated in its representation of gender roles and things like that, but it's too sweet, kind-hearted and hilarious to get under my skin. Also, unlike sitcoms of today, there are occasional musical numbers built into the story, and there's always just ONE story line, which just adds to the  ease of watching it.

5. Canada. Last week, I admitted to my book club that I've become obsessed with Canada. I then told them all to look at my Pinterest board for evidence of how naturally breathtaking the country is. And then I hated myself for telling people in real life to look at my Pinterest board. (But if you do look and become convinced of how incredible Canada is, let me know and we can plan a trip to Alberta!)

6. Ringly. My boss introduced me to Ringly. It's a piece of jewelry that you can hook up to an app on your phone and all of the notifications you have set up. So, when you're on a date or in a meeting at work and don't want to have your phone out, but still want to receive important notifications (maybe your kids' school is calling, or you want to make sure you don't miss a message from a family member about her flight arriving, but you don't want to see every Foursquare update), it'll buzz! They're really pretty too.

7. Taylor Swift giving this girl $90 for birthday burritos at Chipotle. Self-explanatory.

8. VincenzaDiMaggio.comMy girl Vinnie started her blog today and I'm blown away by how pretty she makes things sound with words. (Meanwhile, I'm over here doing the math on how many burritos I could buy with Taylor Swift's $90.) Give it a read and a bookmark because if I know Vin, there will be a bunch of posts to come with impeccable design advice and outfit inspiration that feels lifted right out of an Anthropologie catalog.

Happy August!

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