All in Breakfast

Savory Yogurt

My birthday was sooo great! To all of you who wished me a happy day filled with treats, things came true in a big way. Is it possible that you may have gone overboard? I've never felt so loved or stuffed on a birthday and I'm still feeling like I'm not worthy!

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Everything inside me told me not to do this. Who was I to believe that I could make decent breakfast sandwiches at home? I live in New York, for heaven's sake. There's no way my dinky skillet could ever compete with the flavor of a bodega griddle that's made thousands of egg sandwiches and seen few, if any, cleanings in its lifetime.

Ultimate Granola Recipe

My issue of Food & Wine last month was all about eating better, including pages and pages about the benefits whole grains. Ugh, I love white bread and pastries made with refined flour. But I welcomed the advice and decided to get started by finishing up the year-old package of Quaker Oats in my cabinet. (I hate oatmeal...) To be clear, I covered the oatmeal in honey and sugar and butter before eating, though.