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Stir-Fried Pork Belly and Kimchi (Jaeyook Bokkeum - 제육 볶음)

Whew, just got back from a weekend in the Catskills with the fam-fam, aka lots of swimming and frisbee and tubing down the Delaware River not unlike George Washington. (But kind of a lot unlike George Washington.) The funnest part was that the whole time we were literally floating on the border between Pennsylvania and New York. It made me feel like some kind of teleporting explorer who's in two places at once.

Baechu Kimchi

I feel ill equipped to talk about kimchi all that authoritatively. When I ask Dan about details almost all of his factoids turn into (enchanting) stories about his grandmother, a poor farmer in rural Korea who was on her own since her early teens. Without a real home, the only thing she cherished and carried with her as she moved around was a massive clay kimchi jar. 

Kimbap (Korean Lunch Rolls)

Hellooo everyone! Happy Cinco de Mayo. I didn't really celebrate other than to eat lots of guacamole on my couch, but I think that was less celebration, more just stress eating about the Donald Trump mess. Also, I stayed at work until nearly 10PM last night. I didn't mind (happily I have a v wonderful job that's more fun than it is foe), but I was in serious need of talking-to-no-one-and-eating-corn-chips time.


Back in 2006, when Dan and I were wee little things living in studio apartments in Bushwick, we'd cook lots of things that his mom pre-packed for him. Frozen meatballs + jarred tomato sauce + spaghetti. Lots and lots of mandoo, or Korean dumplings. Chicken salad from those huge cans you can get at Costco. And of course, bulgogi!

Broiled Mackerel with Korean Chimichurri

The bad news: the other night, after I made stuffed meatballs inspired by the Rao's recipe in Food52's Genius Recipes (just follow the recipe, but stick cubes of mozzarella cheese in the middle of the balls!!!!!!), Danny was on clean-up duty. He waited til late at night, when I was already slippin, to do all of the dishes. I was snoring to the glow of my computer still playing episodes of Frasier when he whipped into the room, waking me up to apologize for accidentally breaking this pretty casserole dish Jill had sent me from India.

Korean Anchovy Pizza

I made pizza today!! This is huge for me. Possibly the biggest news since my bangs finally grew long enough to stay stuck behind my ear--hallelujah. Back to the pizza. First things first, there's basically no reason to make pizza from scratch when you live in New York. Great pizza is always less than a couple blocks away, often of the one dollar variety. When a good slice is a) close and b) cheap AF, spending time cooking pizza economically makes little sense.

Baked Potato Bibimbap

I'm back from Florida where I went swimming and wore dresses without tights and stood on a beach without a parka on! Also, I returned six sweaters richer. My mom realized they weren't getting much use in West Palm Beach, so I quite literally have a new sweater in every color of the rainbow. Maybe I'll share a pic of my massive sweater collection with you all one day. It's glorious.

Korean Fried Chicken

Hello from New York City, where it's super cold, just the way I like it. I think it got down to 19 degrees yesterday? Meaning I wear two pairs of pants, a parka, and a hat at almost all times. I sleep with an extra duvet and ointment slathered all over her body to rejuvenate my dried out skin. I eat all the cheese in the fridge for emotional reasons, but the added blubber comes in handy. 

Ddukbokki (떡볶이)

Life update: currently in Belgium. Have eaten lots and lots and lots of frites covered in mayonnaise, waffles (sorry, wafels) covered in ice cream, beer topped off with more beer, and chocolate/pastries filled with marzipan. Luckily, every tasty food spot is cash only; I'm low on euro and I can't find ATMs in this town because they're disguised as Belle's house in Beauty and the Beast. Everything in Antwerp looks like Belle's house.