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24 Droolworthy Sandwiches

Hellooo from Nashville! I'm having a super, honky-tonk time celebrating my cousin's graduation from Vanderbilt. I got a hat and everything--and I got *no* sunburn during a three-hour ceremony in the Tennessee sun. It's a damn miracle. I'd like to thank my mom's sweater and lots of Neutrogena sun block. And my cousin Jack for being that guy who's like I'm going inside to get a sandwich

15 Best Rainy Day Recipes

Happy April! In honor of the idea that April showers bring May flowers, I asked some of my favorite food bloggers to share their best rainy day recipes. From their ultimate comfort foods to simple meals you can put together with pantry items, these recipes will keep you well-fed and cozy as it pours outside the window. That is... until you have to walk the dogs. ;) Enjoy!

8 Recipes We <3

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Whether you're treating your sweetie to something special or celebrating singledom, I figured I'd ask some of my favorite food bloggers for the recipes that they love...Get it? Luckily, they shared everything from salads to desserts and everything in between. So use some of their ideas for your holiday menu planning. Enjoy, lovers!

22 Takeout at Home Ideas

My dog walker is out of town so I've been working from home the past two days. Everything they said would happen has come true. I live in sweatpants, sleep until the last possible second at which point I roll over to my laptop and work from the bed for an hour or two, and I have Usher's greatest hits on constant rotation. I'm not sure anyone's ever described a deep, existential rediscovery of your favorite R&B superstars as a byproduct of working from home, but it's very, very real, you guys. (These are my confessions...)