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4 Thai Recipes

Welcome to a real kickass week, friends! After a big old headache, trying to arrange different "guy with a van" types, I finally made it work: I'm now the proud owner of two, huge leather recliners and I never want to leave them. One lives in the living room and the other in the bedroom. I rearranged everything like a grandpa with "his chair" so that I can see the TV and yell at everyone from my corner in the room. Peak Hill.

Chestnut Choux

This summer I developed an obsession with choux pastries, which--whatever. Next summer, just remind me to fixate on something that requires less heat. Ice cream, perhaps. My oven was on for most of July while I beat tons of eggs into a sticky batter, piped out lil choux cuties (popping a couple of crappy pastry bags in the process) and blasted them in the oven to get them to puff.