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Ideas for Mother's Day Brunch in NYC

My mom is headed to NYC for Mother's Day in a few weeks. In planning for her trip, I put together a list of ideas of where we could eat for the special day. I was trying to cover my bases: some places that would be super casual, other places that would feel feminine, some options for take-out so we can picnic in the park. Anyway, here's what I gathered as far as Mother's Day Brunch in NYC. Hope it comes in handy for you!

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Nom Wah Tea Parlor I went to this famous, old school dim sum tea parlor in Chinatown for the first time this past weekend. The food was fuss-free, but delicious. I've never had a better egg roll—it was overstuffed with shrimp and cabbage and carrots and was twice times the size of what you normally get from your Chinese takeout joint. Sundays are walk-in only, but waiting for your table below fire escapes draped with drying laundry in the narrow, winding street, transports you back to the Lower East Side of yesteryear. When your table is ready, the hostess at Nom Wah frantically waves you in, and you're presented with a checklist of dumplings, savory pancakes and more. It's a bit busy, but a really fun experience for a mom who's up for a little bit of adventure.

Claudette This spot is perfect for a traditional Mother's Day affair, but I'd recommend locking in your reservations soon. It's good and pretty and popular. The Provencal fare will offer light, yet filling options as well as a few more hearty dishes packed with fatty meat and beans like the French do. Their cocktails are served with pretty paper straws and Sunday sunlight streams into the dining room through tall French doors. Plus, Washington Square park is just a block or two away, perfect for a stroll after your meal.

Via Carota I haven't been to Via Carota yet, but I have been to Jody Williams' Buvette and it is possibly my favorite restaurant ever. Williams teamed up with Rita Sodi of Sodi to open this spot last year and I've been dying to go ever since. Plus, they just began serving lunch, perfect! Knowing the work of these two chefs, expect comforting, rustic food "inspired by the 17th-century villa in the hills near Florence which Sodi once called home." Sturdy, yet decorative serving ware brought you your communal wooden table, topped with gorgeous, respectful food—mom will love it.

Telepan, for picnic baskets When my mom visits New York, the number one thing on her list is a walk through Central Park. Bill Telepan knows this is true for lots of folks, so he put together the option to order and take out picnic baskets from his Upper West Side location. The food out of this spot is seasonal, local and very well-done. For $21 a person, it's a really nice way to celebrate mom with a little more pizzaz than packing up homepage tuna salad sandwiches.

Glasserie If you're looking for something a bit off the beaten path, check out Glasserie in Greenpoint. For me, it's walking distance from my apartment in Queens (albeit a sort of icky walk over the LIE from Sunnyside), but it's totally worth the trek regardless. The restaurant is housed in an old glass factory on the waterfront, which is cool in itself. It's a casual spot with celebrated, Middle Eastern-inspired plates that are great for sharing. Plus, I hear there's some gorgeous outdoor courtyard seating space.

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