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Life's 10 Most Stressful Food Moments

10. When there's a ton of jellybeans in a jar and if you correctly guess how many there are, you get them all. 9. When you don't really know anything about liquor, but the bartender asks you what kind of vodka you want in your cosmo and you just give an answer and it ends up being the most expensive answer.

8. When your mind says salad, but your body says burger.

7. When you need baking powder, but you only have baking soda.

6. When you're waiting to ask the server if you can redeem your Foursquare special.

5. When you don't want to share, but someone at the table with you is like, "Why don't we just order a bunch of little things and share?"

4. When you can't pronounce the name of the dish, but the items are numbered, so you order "number 27" and the server doesn't know what you're talking about, forcing you to try and pronounce it.

3. When you order takeout for one, but there are utensils for six.

2. When you're making a recipe that seems easy, but then you realize that one of the ingredients is a recipe in itself. ie: "To make these enchiladas, begin by spreading your homemade enchlada sauce all over the bottom of your baking dish (recipe found HERE)."

1. Hotel minibars.

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