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My Favorite Food TV

If there's anything I love more than dinner, it's TV. I'm a complete couch potato and, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, I might spend an entire Saturday in my pajamas re-watching Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother, should opportunity strike. Sure, Barefoot Contessa is at the top of my list when I want come cooking ideas, but as with all inspiration, sometimes you're trying to find it and sometimes it comes from unexpected places. Like an episode of Downton Abbey. Here are my favorite TV shows that make me hungry.

Mad Men

OK, I said "hungry" but thirsty also counts. God bless Mad Men for bringing back the Old Fashioned. They're like whisky sangria. Plus, remember the episode where everyone from the firm meets up after work for a party at PJ Clarke's and they all do the cha-cha? Those shout-outs to classic New York restaurants make me want to bouffant-it-up and eat some oysters and steak.

Korean Dramas

I haven't gotten myself addicted to a good Korean drama in a while, but every time I do, my need for kimchi is constant. The last one I watched, Boys Over Flowers, included a main character who worked at a soup shop and I can't even tell you how many times Dan and i went out for soondubu jjiggae during those few weeks.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is the most authentic representation of me and my girlfriends' relationship with food. From the constant coffee consumption, to the life-affirming pizza, to Sookie's stress over risottoGilmore Girls was practically my religion as a high-schooler, which was a good time to have my clergylady, Lorelei Gilmore, enabling my donut habit.


Downton Abbey

I love British food and I can't sit down to an episode of Downton without a cup of tea. Then the episode ends and I'm just like, "graaaavy!" #SundayRoastProblems Plus, in Season 4, which you've already watched if you're a psychopath like me, there's a whole subplot where a character goes to culinary school and poaches pears in port, schwing!

At Home with Gordon Ramsay

This is my favorite show ever. Gordo makes everything he cooks look so simple and he has two bulldogs that hang out, adorably, in the backyard. Every episode focuses on a theme (poultry, chilies, etc.) and includes not only recipes and cooking tips, but also trips to awesome butchers and grocers. So, you wind up wanting to shop AND eat.

What shows give you cravings? Needing some more food TV in my Netflix queue!

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