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Seeking: Restaurant Suggestions in London

Now that Christmas has passed, I'm thinking lots about the new year. Most specifically, I've got my mind on a very impulsive and recent booking of a trip to London! From February 3 to 14, Dan and I will be roaming the city's streets, trying to avoid falling bridges and werewolves. What I mean to say is that we have very little knowledge of the city. What I do know about London comes from Downton Abbey, One Direction music videos/Spice World (lots of double decker buses...), and Sweeney Todd. Unless I get my act together quickly, we'll be winging it. But as much as I Google stuff, I feel like I'm missing out on finding the cool places, the biggest clue being that when I Google "things to do in New York," the results include everything that annoying people do in New York.

So this post is a plea: Help! Where should we be eating in London? What's the real, authentic stuff? What should I avoid no matter what?

Let me know in the comments. "Cheers!"

Quiche Lorraine

PatΓ© BrisΓ©e