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Speculoos Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Luckily I own a Corgi and a Labrador, otherwise I wouldn't have moved from this spot on the couch for the full day. But I had to walk those two nincompoops, so I wasn't completely sedentary. Can you blame me, though? New York "feels like" 106 degrees and that's approximately the temperature at which I like hot tubs, so now imagine walking around in that with clothing on. Does Santa Claus have a son who's single and ready to let me marry him for an easy in to North Pole citizenship?

Sour Cherry Cobbler

Happy weekend o' the Fourth! I've been busy as heck with summery things like beach plans and time at the dog park. Yesterday was the sunniest, most beautiful day so Danny and I took the doggies on a long walk through Queens. Jelly, in true labrador fashion, found a huge fountain in front of the Queens courthouse and hopped in for a swim. Still kicking myself that I didn't capture that on camera.

Tropical Fruit-Filled Hot Cross Buns

Aloha! Happy first day of Spring from snowy New York. I'm sitting up in my bed, with just the glow my laptop and the orangey light from the snowy Queens street lamps illuminating my room. Come at me if you must, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to winter. I love the cold days  that force you indoors to hibernate beneath piles of blankets with your (my) Corgi.

Red Velvet Sparkle Star Mini Cakes

I've been "working at home" since Christmas Eve and so has Dan meaning that I have had no reason to leave my house other than to walk the dogs. We have Christmas leftovers to last a lifetime, my crappy internet just got seriously upgraded, and Candice lives like two blocks away for when I need to interact with other humans. As a result I have not not worn yoga pants and/or pajamas for 6 days straight.