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Mexican Tomatillo Scrambled Eggs

I bought overalls!!!!! They're black and have a lil flare at the bottom. I thought the problem would be figuring out which shoes to wear, but you know what? It's the shirt. It can't be too long cause then it gets all scrunched. It can't be a crew neck cause then I look like a kindergartener. Do you guys wear overalls? What do you do?

Cherry Chocolate Bread Pudding

Hey, what's up, hello! I'm sitting on my couch while Chloe and Thomas cook me crêpres... how very French. They are both visiting while they prep for their three-month cycling trip across the United States. Me and Dan are being awkward hosts, showing them clips of Pierre Escargot (which is incomprehensible to French-speakers, btw), and shouting "zut alors!" and "chin chin!" when we clink our glasses of bordeaux together.

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Sandwiches

Everything inside me told me not to do this. Who was I to believe that I could make decent breakfast sandwiches at home? I live in New York, for heaven's sake. There's no way my dinky skillet could ever compete with the flavor of a bodega griddle that's made thousands of egg sandwiches and seen few, if any, cleanings in its lifetime.