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Speculoos Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Luckily I own a Corgi and a Labrador, otherwise I wouldn't have moved from this spot on the couch for the full day. But I had to walk those two nincompoops, so I wasn't completely sedentary. Can you blame me, though? New York "feels like" 106 degrees and that's approximately the temperature at which I like hot tubs, so now imagine walking around in that with clothing on. Does Santa Claus have a son who's single and ready to let me marry him for an easy in to North Pole citizenship?

Ube Gooey Butter Cake

I'm writing to you, dear readers, from 2 inches from my air conditioner. New York City remains the temperature of a flippin Fourth of July hot dog. We're talking like 90 plus degrees. Oof. Mama is ready for Christmas. And for the days when turning on the oven to bake doesn't sound like the worst idea of my life. 

Grapefruit Cake

Just got home from a 75-minute yoga class that was made up of, like, fifty percent head stands (which I can't do, but I really tried). Now I'm eating cold pizza and Cherry Garcia. Because what is a human woman but a bundle of paradoxes waiting to be untangled?

Perfect Chocolate Cake

We spent the night in the emergency vet because my poor Jelly got in a little fight with another dog on his walk last night. Some wounds on his ear and face would not stop bleeding, so I called up Rich & Can to ask if we could borrow their car and then off to the 24-hour animal hospital in Forest Hills we went.

Cake Truffles

I've been home for four days and I'm feeling pretty crazy. On Friday all of my colleagues came over for a Queens offsite. We worked and had meetings in my living room, played Scattergories and ate way too many Cheez-Its. Then everyone left and that HUMONGOUS thunder storm rolled in and I was very happy to stay home that night and sip my boxed wine.