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15 Best Rainy Day Recipes

Happy April! In honor of the idea that April showers bring May flowers, I asked some of my favorite food bloggers to share their best rainy day recipes. From their ultimate comfort foods to simple meals you can put together with pantry items, these recipes will keep you well-fed and cozy as it pours outside the window. That is... until you have to walk the dogs. ;) Enjoy!

White Chocolate Matcha Rugelach

Turns out I can't make hamantaschen. I've tried so many times, asked experts for recipes, and tried again. But after the gooey, messy attempt that was this year's Purim cookies, I think I'm officially giving up for the time being. I made my dough and followed the rules and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Once I shaped my cooked and stuck em in the oven.... they just pooped out their filling and smooshed all over the place. Ugh!

Last Minute Molasses Dump Cookies

You know when you would have to take a dictation exam in your high school foreign language class and no matter what the scenario was, you'd somehow bring the conversation back to the few phrases you knew? Jacques went to a tennis match last week and you're just like "oh, that's great! Red clay courts in Paris, you say? My favorite color is purple and I am from New York. My name is Hillary. I am 26-years-old." 

Oatmeal Creme Pies

My mom made killer brown bag lunches when I was growing up which included grape jelly and smooth peanut butter sandwiches on white bread that got squished under my juice box so much that the jelly seeped through the Wonder Bread and, looking back, that's basically like eating a pastry for lunch, but my mom knew I liked PBJ so she offset the sugar with celery sticks and baby carrots.