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Turkey Kofta

How's your week, everybody!? Mine's going pretty well on account of last night I went to the US Open and tasted the ~honey deuce~ (New Yorkers who ride the subway will understand my excitement around this drink). I also danced the weekend away and ate McDonald's at 3AM. 

Sweet Potato and Pecan Salad

Honestly, so many ups and downs right now, team. Up: my Spotify playlist has been *on point* this week. Down: my favorite person on the planet, my dentist, doesn't accept my new insurance plan. Up: I finally went and picked up some packages mistakenly mailed to my old apartment building and now it feels like I have 4 surprise presents to open. Simultaneous up/down: Donut Fest is happening, snow or shine--yea to donuts + snow. Nay to leaving the house in a nor'easter.