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How to Make Kimchi!

Oh boy, it's so darn hot. I visited my mom in Florida, FLORIDA last week and it was not this hot. I usually try to conserve energy and deal with the summer heat like a European, but the AC has been on pretty much non-stop at our house for the past few days. I even baked some cookies last week cause I was like, how much hotter could it possibly get?

I don't like getting too lovey-dovey about things. Sentimentality freaks me out. I would much rather have people show their affection by picking on me or doing something around me that's normally reserved for alone-time; folding laundry or taking off their shoes, maybe. Even when it comes to TV shows and movies, I gravitate towards cringey comedies or those weird shows that never let themselves resolve. I love an ending like in What About Bob or The Jerk: the characters just continue on doing the dumb stuff like you've observed throughout the film. That's how it is in the real world, after all.