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Baked Potato Bibimbap

I'm back from Florida where I went swimming and wore dresses without tights and stood on a beach without a parka on! Also, I returned six sweaters richer. My mom realized they weren't getting much use in West Palm Beach, so I quite literally have a new sweater in every color of the rainbow. Maybe I'll share a pic of my massive sweater collection with you all one day. It's glorious.

Ddukbokki (떡볶이)

Life update: currently in Belgium. Have eaten lots and lots and lots of frites covered in mayonnaise, waffles (sorry, wafels) covered in ice cream, beer topped off with more beer, and chocolate/pastries filled with marzipan. Luckily, every tasty food spot is cash only; I'm low on euro and I can't find ATMs in this town because they're disguised as Belle's house in Beauty and the Beast. Everything in Antwerp looks like Belle's house.

Pan Fried Tofu with Spicy Korean Sauce (Dububuchim; 두부-부침)

There's a stooorm a-brewin' outside. Hurricane Danny, to be exact. Heh, I live with a hurricane Danny every day, heh. Just kidding. Danny is marvelously organized and I'm more of a hurricane. His usual gripe with me is that I take off my shoes anywhere/everywhere and I leave cups in every corner of the apartment. I have always done this; I know people hate it. But I also kind of imagine my great-grandchildren one day saying things like "ol' gran Hillary loved to leave cups everywhere.... every time I see a cup, I think of her."

I don't like getting too lovey-dovey about things. Sentimentality freaks me out. I would much rather have people show their affection by picking on me or doing something around me that's normally reserved for alone-time; folding laundry or taking off their shoes, maybe. Even when it comes to TV shows and movies, I gravitate towards cringey comedies or those weird shows that never let themselves resolve. I love an ending like in What About Bob or The Jerk: the characters just continue on doing the dumb stuff like you've observed throughout the film. That's how it is in the real world, after all.