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Turkey Kofta

How's your week, everybody!? Mine's going pretty well on account of last night I went to the US Open and tasted the ~honey deuce~ (New Yorkers who ride the subway will understand my excitement around this drink). I also danced the weekend away and ate McDonald's at 3AM. 

Cheesy Stuffed Meatballs

I rolled back into NYC at around 6AM this morning after a few days in Salt Lake City for the Everything Food Conference. It was a super fun time where I got to talk blogging, try out new coffee shops, sing karaoke with friends (remember this song!?!?! I hadn't, but I'm so happy I've been reminded.), learn about SLC's fascinating liquor laws ~~from the inside~~, and watched the entire city of Salt Lake lose power from the window of our Airbnb meaning Yuni and I needed to finish our game of Battleship by candlelight. He kicked my butt.

Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with Mushroom Gravy

Happy New Year! How did you spend your NYE? While I generally spend too much time at home doing homebody things, I actually made it out for some ringing-in-2016 festivities. Me, Can, Rich, and Danny ate at Le Fanfare in Greenpoint where we were the loudest ones (by far), telling corny jokes, singing along to jazz songs we didn't know, and eating way too much squid ink pasta.