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Summer Fruit Greek Yogurt Tart

How does everybody feel about the idea of breakfast pie? Or, I guess this is a tart, really. I spent this weekend working my v hardest to empty out my fridge of all the goodies that Danny brought home from the farmer's market, yet had no plans for. Peaches that bruised before my eyes and way too many berries--all very good things, but tough to make last, you know? 

Malted Chocolate Chess Pie

Happy Thanksgiving Weeeek! It's the most wonderful time of the year and I cannot WAIT to head up to see my family in Buffalo on Wednesday. I get to see my red-headed niece and nephew, my lovely mother and my yoga-tastic big sister who is giving us a free family class. 

Banoffee Pie Recipe

If there's anything I love more than an incredible meal at a James Beard Award-winning restaurant or a home-cooked meal made with fresh, seasonal ingredients from the closest farmer's market, it's a Whopper Jr. or a dessert made out of a box. This recipe, for example, can be made entirely with ingredients found at a 7/11.