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Sweet Potato and Pecan Salad

Honestly, so many ups and downs right now, team. Up: my Spotify playlist has been *on point* this week. Down: my favorite person on the planet, my dentist, doesn't accept my new insurance plan. Up: I finally went and picked up some packages mistakenly mailed to my old apartment building and now it feels like I have 4 surprise presents to open. Simultaneous up/down: Donut Fest is happening, snow or shine--yea to donuts + snow. Nay to leaving the house in a nor'easter.

Summer Root Vegetable Salad

Most of the time, I cook for cravings. When your life revolves around dinner, like mine does, there are a lot hours in the day when you're tossing together ingredients in your mind until you come up with an idea of what sounds exactly perfect. That's how I've discovered favorite meals of mine. It starts with thoughts like "how can I eat as much cheese for dinner as possible?" And ends with a chorizo and poblano queso fundido with warm tortillas. An out-of-hand appetite begets genius.