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Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with Mushroom Gravy

Happy New Year! How did you spend your NYE? While I generally spend too much time at home doing homebody things, I actually made it out for some ringing-in-2016 festivities. Me, Can, Rich, and Danny ate at Le Fanfare in Greenpoint where we were the loudest ones (by far), telling corny jokes, singing along to jazz songs we didn't know, and eating way too much squid ink pasta.

Little Nonna's in philly

It appears that stuffed meatballs are becoming a little mini trend. I've seen them pop up on my Twitter feed a few times in the past month, whether filled with oozy mozzarella cheese, basil pesto or meatloaf-sized and stuffed with cooked spaghetti. That last iteration is a little overboard, even for me, but I am very interested in the cheese-stuffed variety, especially since I tasted them at Little Nonna's in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. It also helps that I'm pretty sure Little Nonna's incredible meatballs are not only stuffed with melted cheese, but also tasted-- and I could be wrong-- like they were maybe deep-fried. meaty arancini.