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A Few Things I Learned at the Stockholm Spritmuseum

I'm guessing that sprit translates to "spirit." As in alcohol. But I can't say for sure because I spent most of my time in Stockholm loosely translating words in my head from Swedish into English. And when things got confusing, a kind Swede would pop in, speaking English with a polite smile, and make it all clear for me. (I know: damn my American ego and god bless the super-nice Swedes.) Anyway, the Spritmuseum (or, Spirit Museum) is on an island called Djurgården. What's cool is that this entire island is packed with museums and things to see. There's little else—no residential property, subways don't go there. It's just a sightseeing island. Whoever planned this city was a total genius. "Keep the tourists over here," they thought. Imagine if Times Square, the Empire State Building and The Bronx Zoo were all on Governor's Island. (Riiiight? Genius!)

Where to Eat in Stockholm: Melanders

Danny and I recently went to Copenhagen and Stockholm for nine days. The trip snuck up on us—well, it was sort of a surprise in the first place. Dan was invited to speak at a conference, so we whipped together a trip and a few weeks later, were on the redeye to Denmark. We threw in the detour to Stockholm just for fun.