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What I'm Reading; A Roundup of Articles

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake on Smitten Kitchen (link below).
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake on Smitten Kitchen (link below).

A roundup of the recipes/articles I've been browsing this weekend. What I'm reading:

Mackerel Pasta Salad - Jamie Oliver I generally keep my proteins super simple. Salt, pepper, oil is really all I want most nights on my chicken, steak, fish, etc. But when Dan brought home a bag of mackerels, I started thinking about how to use the fish a bit more creatively, without muddying the flavor with tons of soy sauce and ginger (as most recipes I found took an Asian route). Tossing with pasta seemed like a great way to keep the fish's integrity and stretch the dinner supply into tomorrow's lunch. I'm thinking about using frozen peas and sweet potatoes in place of his summery veggies.

Scotch Eggs Recipe - Bon Appetit I invited my sisters over for Easter dinner and was trying to think of a different way to use eggs. Then, while I was watching Call the Midwife (Do you watch this show? It's my new favorite TV show, a title previously held by Lost, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Yes, it's that good.), they mentioned scotch eggs. DING! Fun way to use eggs that involves sausage and deep frying!? Excellent.

Burnt Lumpia Filipino food is becoming evermore present on the New York food scene-- did you see the recent two-star review of Jeepney and Pig and Khao in the Times? This is exciting for me. One of my best friends is Filipino and I visited the country with her back in 2011. It's been challenging to find good recipe sources for Filipino cuisine, but this blog will be my new go-to.

16 People Who Probably Cook Worse Than You Do - FB Troublemakers For laughs. The s'mores cookie is pretty brilliant in theory, though.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake - Smitten Kitchen Dan turns 26 next week. Holy cow! Anyway, I want to make him a delicious cake. This chocolate peanut better cake just might do the trick.

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